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A lovely recipe with homemade flatbread and spicy meatballs and salad. Perfect for lunch or dinner. This recipe is inspired by Adana Shish plate.

This soft brown milk cake (also known as Gundh Pakh) is one of the very popular sweets in Nepal. It is also eaten in other parts of South Asia. It is usually preferred during winter in Nepal. This sweet is considered nutritious and is often served to nursing mothers.

Soft Brown Milk Cake/ Gundh Pakh

A great dinner idea! This shrimp curry with zucchini tastes mild and delicious.

Easy Shrimp Curry with Zucchini

This tasty yoghurt marinated spicy grilled chicken is best served with flat bread and salad on the side. You may serve this with garlic sauce or any sauce of your choice.

Yoghurt Marinated Spicy Grilled Chicken

All recipes are on Petitchef

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