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This recipe is inspired by Chaat, a popular Indian savoury snacks. I like the blend of different flavours in Chaat- sweeet, sour and hot with the creaminess of yoghurt. Chaats are usually made with Samosas or thick Pappadums. In my recipe, I have used toasted corn chips as an easier alternative.

It is very easy to prepare this dish and there is hardly any cooking involved except for boiling the potatoes. Preparing this dish basically involves layering ingredients and mixing them well before eating. I find this dish ideal for summer as the cold yoghurt helps cool down your body. I hope you will enjoy.

Dduk bok ki is a popular Korean dish made using hot pepper paste and rice cake. Hot pepper paste is usually available in Korean grocery shops. Some Chinese groceries sell it too. Rice cake is available in almost all Asian grocery stores.

I like the hotness and sweetness of this dish. I like to eat dduk bok ki when the weather is cold or when its rainy. It keeps your body warm. It is a quick and easy dish. It can be served for lunch or dinner.

My husband loves cheesecake. He especially loves cheesecakes baked at home. To give him a surprise, I made this cheesecake for his birthday.

I used fresh lemon juice, fresh orange, cocoa powder, cream cheese and condensed milk to create this masterpiece. :) Hope you'll find this recipe interesting. Feel free to share your views.

An incredibly simple and delicious dish you can enjoy any time of the day. Great for taking lunch to work. Accompanied by rice or flatbread, it makes a perfect quick meal with amazingly easy preparation steps.

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