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This soft brown milk cake (also known as Gundh Pakh) is one of the very popular sweets in Nepal. It is also eaten in other parts of South Asia. It is usually preferred during winter in Nepal. This sweet is considered nutritious and is often served to nursing mothers.

Soft Brown Milk Cake/ Gundh Pakh

A great dinner idea! This shrimp curry with zucchini tastes mild and delicious.

Easy Shrimp Curry with Zucchini

This tasty yoghurt marinated spicy grilled chicken is best served with flat bread and salad on the side. You may serve this with garlic sauce or any sauce of your choice.

Yoghurt Marinated Spicy Grilled Chicken

Korean cold buckwheat noodles (known as naengmyeon or  naeng myun) is ideal for hot summer days. This dish is very refreshing and helps to cool your body. This is also a perfect vegetarian dish. You may add thinly sliced beef if you want it served with meat.

Korean Cold Buckwheat Noodles

Samosas are great snacks liked by everyone. They are quite cheap to make at home. You can put any fillings as you like. I have made the vegetarian version today but you can also mix mince with potatoes.

Delicious Homemade Samosas

If you like coconut, you will love this cake. You can serve this cake with cream or ice-cream. You may also put frosting on the top if you like.

Coconut Cake

This ginger duck salad is one of my favourite dishes. Ginger goes really well with duck. With the addition of other ingredients- such as chilli, garlic, turmeric powder and sesame oil, have really enhanced the flavour of this salad. I like to have it with a bowl of rice.

Ginger Duck Salad

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