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Flatbread wraps make a great weekend lunch. These are also ideal for your kids' lunch and picnic. It's worth the time spent making your own flatbreads as they are cheaper, healthier and softer than the market-bought flatbreads or tortillas.

Flatbread wraps with cripsy chicken, avocado and mixed salad leaves

Home-made truffles are sweet treats for anyone of any age. These are absolutely easy to make and are filled with goodies such as dates and nuts. Truffles can be made in larger quantities and stored in a fridge. I've used scraped chocolate and milk powder for coating the truffles. You may also use cocoa powder, scraped milk chocolate or shredded coconut for coating the truffles.

Truffles with Dates and Nuts

The yellow lentils are good for your health. Chicken with yellow lentil dahl (also spelled daal or dal) is a quick and easy dish to prepare.  I found chicken and yellow lentils go well together and adding just a few spices simply enhances the taste of this recipe. This dish goes well with bread or rice.

Chicken with Yellow Lentil Dahl

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