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For this baked basa fillet recipe, I made my own homemade pesto with walnuts, olives and spinach leaves instead of the usual garlic, pine nuts and basil. Cover the left-over pesto and leave it in a fridge. You can also use this pesto in bread wraps or mix with pasta.

Baked Basa Fillet with Walnut and Olive Pesto

Cinnamon rolls (also known as cinnamon buns) are perfect for breakfast and afternoon snacks. The store-bought cinnamon rolls are usually more sweet. In my recipe, I've tried to make the cinnamon rolls more healthy by reducing the amount of sugar. The nice aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls are truly inviting.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls/ Buns

This spinach and corn pancake is quick and easy to make with simple ingredients available at home. This pancake is great for a quick breakfast or light lunch. You can also add grated vegetables or diced ham to this recipe.

Spinach and Corn Pancake

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